PSO-2 Stealth Isolator 25A DP IP65 Box


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  • PSO-1 Stealth Isolator 25A DP IP65 Box 
  • 040-972 (Solid Grey) or 040-973 (Clear Blue)
  • Conductive, rust-proof, and chemically resistant.
  • It is fully waterproof IP66 when the lid is closed, keeping your isolator switch safe. The access flap is padlock-able, adding an extra layer of security.

    Use to isolate aircon systems, ovens, and more.
    • Isolator switch rating: 30A, 250V
    • 30A double pole isolator (100mm x 100mm)
    • Conductive material: copper with silver tip contact

    Note: the PC flap is not suitable for direct sunlight.

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